Friday, February 3, 2012

Who’s Wearing Men’s Valentine Rings?

Over the past several years, men have cornered the market on spending money on Valentine’s Day gifts. As a retailer, it always warms my heart to see so many men out there looking for ways to woo their sweetheart with flowers, candy, lingerie and perfume. But a new trend is evolving that brings women into the mix – it is men’s Valentine rings. It’s true that women have always had a hard time finding romantic gifts for men, and they often express how difficult it is to find something special every year. Perhaps this explains why men’s Valentine rings are quickly gaining recognition as the ideal gift for a man.

Titanium Ring with Carbon Fiber Inlay
When women ask me what kind of ring to buy for Valentine’s Day, I usually tell them it depends on where they are in their relationship. For example, a woman who is not yet engaged and wants to “play it safe” will often choose a stylish ring that expresses a man’s interests, occupation or faith. This is a good time to shop for biker rings, Army or Navy rings, Celtic rings or Christian rings. It may also be appropriate to buy him a fashion ring made from black titanium or sterling silver. Men’s Valentine’s rings can also be a romantic expression, with words inscribed on the side such as “Forever Love” or “My One and Only,” but these are usually better for couples who are in a serious relationship.

A ring for Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be very expensive. In fact, men’s fashion rings are now available in a variety of unique styles, so there is a ring for every man’s taste. State-of-the-art metals like tungsten carbide, cobalt chrome and titanium have made it easy to find a durable and brilliant ring for under $100.

Men’s Valentine’s rings are also worn by married men. If your husband’s wedding ring is worn looking or outdated, Cupid’s favorite holiday may also be a time to find him a new one. Shopping at an online store that specializes in men’s rings will be the simplest way to find that perfect ring. Prices are usually much lower on the Internet, and they are reduced even further for Valentine’s Day. It is also much easier to find the ring you want when you can search by size, metal, collection and price. Even if your husband wears a size 17 ring, it’s possible to find a wide variety of rings at an online ring store.

Nothing is more romantic on Valentine’s Day than presenting your man with a ring that was chosen especially for him, but if you are planning a Valentine wedding it may be best to start looking at designer wedding bands. Whether his taste is more conservative or he’s looking for a contemporary wedding band that makes a bold statement, giving him a personally engraved wedding band for Valentine’s Day will be a memory that lasts a lifetime.

No matter which ring you choose, a men’s Valentines ring will most certainly become a lasting symbol of your love, and a great way to show him just how much you care. If you want this to be a Valentine’s Day he will always remember, now is the time to start shopping for the best selection of men’s fashion rings and wedding bands.

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