Monday, December 28, 2009

What are the Latest Trends in Men's Wedding Rings?

As the demand for alternative metals has increased, men's wedding rings have changed a lot over recent. years. Now there are more exciting, edgy and textured styles than ever before. With so many new trends to choose from, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

If you're looking for men's wedding rings and you want something that is a unique expression of your personal style, here are some interesting and fashionable trends to consider.

New Metals:.

In the past, a gentleman's wedding ring was only available in two shades of gold - yellow and white. Platinum is another popular precious metal that appeals to the sophisticated man. But today, men have several more options when shopping for wedding rings.

Some alternatives to gold and platinum include titanium, tungsten and palladium. Titanium is lightweight yet strong, and is a very popular choice in men's wedding bands. Tungsten is known as the strongest metal available in jewelry, and offers a brilliant, scratch-proof finish that never needs polishing. Silvery-white palladium is actually a white gold alloy, which is hypo-allergenic and nickel free.

Comfort fit:.

With so many hard metals being used in men's wedding rings, making these rings more comfortable to wear has become a top priority. Since these stronger rings don't wear down, like gold does, jewelers have developed a new way to make them more comfortable to wear. Comfort-fit rings are curved on the interior edges to prevent unnecessary friction against the fingers.

Black finishes:.

While this may sound a bit unusual to the purist, black titanium and black tungsten rings are gaining acceptance as an alternative to gold or silver-finished men's wedding rings. For men who like to wear black, and appreciate the strength and durability of titanium and tungsten, these rings make a great fashion statement. They can be worn as all-black or as a two-toned blend of black and silver metal. Either way, they make a striking statement of power and sophistication.

Textured and Two-Toned Rings:.

Unlike traditional wedding bands, some of the most popular styles in. men's wedding rings. include more than one texture. Whether you choose to combine a brushed and polished finish, prefer a silver and gold two-toned look, or a ring that is grooved, faceted or inset with black carbon fiber; a textured ring offers many ways to personalize a ring to match your personal. style.

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