Friday, April 29, 2016

Men’s Jewelry and Wedding Rings for Sale

Spring is the Season for Savings
Men love to wear jewelry. Don’t let anyone fool you - some men spend as much time picking out their bling as their ladies do picking out their shoes to go out. And with good reason - men wear less jewelry, so the pieces they pick stand out more. They have to choose eye-catching pieces that truly complement who they are.

Everybody loves a bargain. This month, our selection of top men’s jewelry and wedding rings for sale blows away anything we’ve ever done before. Enjoy designer quality at clearance prices.

What Types of Jewelry?

All kinds! Whatever deal you’re looking for, find it at our Spring Sale!

While we carry the finest selection of men’s rings, we also carry a complete line of other jewelry pieces and accessories for men of all ages and personal tastes.

Not sure what he’ll like? Surprise him! If it’s not quite his style, he can exchange it under our return policy for something that hits the nail on the head.

But you know him pretty well. You probably have some idea what he’d like.

Check out some of our favorites from our “Sale” selection below, but see the full list of everything on sale here. Just Men’s Rings is your only stop for men’s wedding rings for sale, and more.


Metal Bracelets

Stainless steel men’s bracelet with two-tone links and studs. Truly one of a kind.

Stainless Steel with an ID centerpiece. A high polished plate, ready for personalized engraving.

Other Material Bracelets

Double Wrap Leather wristband. Woven, braided black leather that wraps around his wrist twice and clasps with a sterling silver clasp.

Round Leather with Beads bracelet. Strong, braided black leather set off by different sized stainless steel beads.

Dog Tag Necklaces

Traditionally associated with military men, “dog tag” style necklaces have become popular to display swag that’s not soldier associated, but shows a guy has a soldier’s strength and mentality.

Black Tungsten Carbide unique heavy-duty dog tag with a single diamond inlay, strung on a thick sterling silver chain.

Stainless Steel Skull Pendant on a textured and oxidized dog tag, this three-dimensional image strikes fear and lets onlookers know that the wearer means business.

Other Necklace Styles

Gold Plated Stainless Steel Cross necklace with deep texture and brilliant lustre. A pendant to let everyone know what type of man he is.

Christ on Cross Figure Pennant makes a statement and draws all eyes. An image that strikes up conversation and stirs emotions instantly.

High Polish Stainless Steel: this linked necklace gives a striking appearance of being richer and fancier than it is.

Men’s Fashion Rings

Bezel Set Turquoise and Silver: Enjoy the classic combination of turquoise and silver together with this large oval turquoise bezel set into this elaborately decorated ring.

Antiqued Footprint Spinner: A new twist on an old favorite. An antiqued sterling silver “spinner” band with footprint pattern.

Men’s Wedding Rings

His and Hers Sterling Silver: This matching sterling silver “his and hers” wedding band set is as classic as can be. With a jaw-dropping price tag attached.

Benchmark Argentium Silver with White Diamonds: This incredible new metal - Argentium silver -ring  is shaped in a classic band design, inlaid with Pave white diamonds.

4-Sided Argentium Silver: A satin finish with polished beveled edges, this super-strong and luxurious band is truly one of a kind.

The Best Value on Men’s Wedding Rings for Sale
Year Round Low Prices. Absolutely Unbeatable Sale

There’s nothing like planning a wedding. And there’s nothing quite like the price tag that can be attached to your dream wedding ceremony either. Before you know it, you will have spent two, even three, times as much money as you intended.

We’re not saying to “skimp” on his wedding ring - we would NEVER suggest such a thing! But we are saying that if you find a perfectly wonderful men’s ring in the “sale” selection, then you’ve just won at your own wedding. Nobody knows you found his wedding rings “for sale.” You’ll save a few bucks. He’ll be happy because it’s perfect. And your dream wedding can continue as planned. Priceless.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Large size men’s rings

Large size men’s rings

Rings have been important symbols and accessories for thousands of years. Men, from everyday citizens to great leaders like kings and pharaohs, have sported rings confidently since the dawn of time. Today, men still wear rings, though their purposes and styles vary from man to man. They can be ceremonial, representing marriage or achievement; they can be symbolic, tied to an idea, cause, or group; and they can be purely decorative. Rings are worn for a wide variety of reasons, and everyone is entitled to enjoy them.

Determining Your Ring Size
 If you have never really worn rings before, you may be surprised to learn that rings, like clothes, are sized. People’s fingers vary in thickness, making sizing necessary. Some may find that their ring size varies from finger to finger—the thumb might be a larger size, for example, while the ring finger might be a size or so smaller. That’s why it’s important to measure each of your fingers to determine your ring size. Once you know your size(s), you’ll have no trouble shopping for rings!
To measure your ring size, you have a few options. You can find your ring size online by finding and printing out a ring size chart. Alternatively, you can find your ring size using a strip of paper. Cut a thin strip of paper and have a ruler on hand. Wrap the paper around your finger (below the joint closest to the knuckle), and make sure it is wrapped around your finger snugly. Then take a pen and mark the spot where the paper meets itself. Measure that distance with your ruler. It is often easiest to measure in millimeters. Then consult an online size chart to determine which size most closely matches the diameter of your finger.

Where to Find Large Men’s Rings
Standard sizes of rings run up to size 14 or so. However, these sizes aren’t reflective of the entire population. Some men, particularly those who are larger or taller than their peers, require larger ring sizes. Some men simply have larger than average hands and fingers. Regardless, men with larger fingers may find it difficult to find rings in their size. You shouldn’t let the seeming impossiblility of the search dissuade you from wearing jewelry. Thankfully, thanks to the advent of the Internet, finding large men’s rings is easier than ever before.
 If you’re looking to purchase large men’s rings online, look no farther than is the premium online source of top quality men’s jewelry at fantastic prices. We offer a spectacular array of men’s jewelry in many different metals, styles, and designs. Best of all, with fast shipping and affordable prices, expanding your jewelry collection is a breeze for you, and a break for your wallet.

Large Men’s Rings from
  is proud to offer one of the biggest collections of large men’s rings online. Our men’s rings range from size 13 to size 20. We value all our customers, and believe that anybody who likes rings should be able to wear, we’ve made sure our large size rings are offered in styles and prices identical to our other rings.
Whether you are looking for a wedding ring or something for everyday wear, has something for you. We carry traditional rings, such as gold and silver, and an array of more unique options, including mixed metals, rings featuring precious stones, and other themed rings. Whether you want something to honor a cause personal to you, such as a fandom or religion, we’ve got rings that’ll match what you’re looking for. Or perhaps you want some funkier rings that will really showcase your personality—from wooden rings to skull and tribal rings—we’ve got you covered.
Our men’s rings are expertly crafted out of only the finest materials. They are noticeably high quality, long lasting, and extremely durable. You’ll find our rings just as luxurious as high end boutique rings, but much less expensive. And with easy shipping and returns, you won’t find a smoother jewelry-shopping experience! Get started today by browsing our collection fo men’s rings: